Pinpoint Leak Detection will find your leak!

Leak Detection by Pinpoint Leak Detection

Our experienced technicians can pinpoint your leak, no matter where it is. With our electronic leak detection equipment, we can find leaks in walls, under slabs, in fixtures, outside, in swimming pools, etc. For pressurized leaks, our sensitive equipment can pick up tiny pinhole leaks, even under inches of concrete. We can locate breaks both above and below ground inĀ  drain and sewer lines using our video camera equipment. Wherever your plumbing is leaking, our experienced technicians will find it!

Slab leaks (a leak in a pipe located underneath a poured slab of concrete) can be caused by many different things. One common cause is a sharp piece of rock in the concrete itself that, with time and pressure, actually punctures the pipe, making a tiny pinhole leak. This small leak may eventually seep up through the slab and damage flooring, or furnishings in the house. If the leak is in the hot water line, the first symptom a homeowner may notice is a warm spot in their floor. If you have a spot in your floor that stays warm, it’s likely you have a hot water slab leak.

If you have any questions about a possible leak in your home, call our plumbing division, Pinpoint Leak Detection, at (800)380-5325(LEAK), or visit our Website!

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What is EMS, and why should you have it done?

EMS Water Damage

EMS Dryout Equipment at a Water Damage Jobsite

EMS stands for Emergency Mitigation Service. This is a term used in the Insurance and Restoration industries to describe any kind of work done immediately in order to prevent further damage or loss at a property. It can apply to many different services, depending on the type of loss. For a Water Damage loss, this may involve repairing the source of the flooding, water extraction, removal of wet drywall, spraying wet areas with an anti-microbial agent to prevent mold growth, removing furniture from affected areas, and setting up drying equipment to start drying wet areas. For Fire Damage claims, it may involve services like board-up, temporary fencing, demolition or shoring up of an unsafe structure. For Wind or Storm damage, it may include a tarp-up of the roof, board-up of damaged windows, and Water Damage services if the damage caused rain to enter the structure.

As you can see, EMS is a broad term, but the general idea is to take actions that will prevent further damage, or make the property safe and secure.

If you need EMS in Riverside County, San Bernardino County, or anywhere in the Inland Empire, Call us at (800) 380-5325, 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week!